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About Us Deutscher Aktien Index

Let's set our sights on greater revenue, bigger profits, highly productive teams, improved cash flows, and peace of mind that simply cannot be beat.

Deutscher Aktien Index - Our experience supporting the growth of equity investments has given us the skills to understand business needs regardless of the industry they serve. Our team members range from small startups to large corporations looking to take their business further.

We've built a productive team on equity investing strategies and helped make the most of available resources.


By clarifying priorities, strategies and planning within an equity investment or role, we help you achieve the exceptional results you desire.


We show excellent ability in all areas of investment and can find answers in various ways.

Our Team


Isabella Cooper

Founder / CEO

Isabella is a stock investment strategy journalist with over 15 years of experience. Data analysis through her makes us more upgraded experts


Justin Lee

Founder / CEO

Justin is an expert in investment planning and seeks perfection in practical investing. If he has good interpersonal relationships, he is good at multi-faceted communication.


Christopher Johnson

Founder / CEO

A graduate of one of the best universities, Christopher has a lot of technical and informational skills. We are amazed every day by his skills.