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German Adidas' history and growth strategy, stock investment perspective

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Let's learn about Adidas' history, growth strategy, and stock investment perspective.

1. company overview

Adidas is a German-based global sportswear and athletic shoe manufacturer founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler. The company name ‘Adidas’ is named after its founder ‘Adolf Dassler’ and is today the world’s largest sports apparel company, listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (stock symbol: ADS).

2. Major Brands and Business Units

Adidas’ core brand produces several product lines, including sportswear, sneakers and accessories, and has raised global recognition by using the iconic logos ‘Trefoil’ and ‘3-Stripes’. Adidas operates two main business units, ‘Adidas’ and ‘Reebok’, each of which develops and sells a variety of sports and lifestyle products.

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3. Strategic Growth Direction

Adidas aims to grow as a global sports brand through continuous innovation and value creation. To this end, we are focusing on digital transformation and sustainability, through which we are strengthening close communication channels with customers, developing customized products, and using eco-friendly materials. In addition, we are actively pursuing brand partnership strategies to enter various markets such as apparel, publishing, and digital content.

4. Financial information and stock related indicators

Adidas’ share price has shown steady growth over the past few years, but volatility due to economic and corporate-related issues cannot be ignored. Investment decisions need to be made taking into account the company’s financial condition and the dividend it provides to shareholders. In addition, it is also important to evaluate a company’s value through key indicators such as P/E and P/B.


5. Investment considerations

Things to consider when investing in Adidas stock in Germany include the competitive situation in the global sports market, the growth potential of existing and new businesses, foreign exchange and geopolitical risks, the ability of the company’s management team, and continuous efforts to innovate.

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Overall, Germany’s Adidas maintains a strong market position in the global sportswear market, but volatility due to competitors and market changes should be monitored. Investors are advised to continuously check related news and issues, corporate disclosures, etc. to make stock investment decisions that reflect the latest information.