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All NBA Basketball Rules

All NBA Basketball Rules


All NBA Basketball Rules – As one of the most popular sports in the world, basketball has a set of rules that govern the game. In the National Basketball Association (NBA), these rules are strictly enforced to ensure fair play and maintain the integrity of the sport. In this article, we will discuss the key rules that every basketball fan should know.

All NBA Basketball Rules
All NBA Basketball Rules

1. Court Dimensions

The basketball court is rectangular in shape, measuring 94 feet long and 50 feet wide. It is divided into two halves by a midcourt line. The hoop, or basket, is positioned at each end of the court, 10 feet above the ground.

2. Scoring

Points are scored when a player successfully shoots the ball through the opponent’s hoop. A made basket inside the three-point line is worth two points, while a shot made from beyond the three-point line is worth three points. Free throws, awarded for certain fouls, are worth one point each. NBA중계

3. Game Duration

A regulation NBA game consists of four quarters, each lasting 12 minutes. Overtime periods are played if the score is tied at the end of regulation time. In the NBA, there are a maximum of two overtime periods, each lasting five minutes.

4. Violations

There are several violations that can occur during a basketball game. Some common violations include:

  • Traveling: Taking more than two steps without dribbling the ball.
  • Double Dribble: Dribbling the ball with both hands simultaneously or stopping and then dribbling again.
  • Carrying: Allowing the ball to come to rest in one hand while dribbling.
  • Out of Bounds: Touching the ball while any part of the player’s body is out of bounds.

5. Fouls

Fouls are infractions of the rules that result in penalties. There are two types of fouls in basketball: personal fouls and technical fouls. Personal fouls include actions such as pushing, holding, or tripping an opponent. Technical fouls are usually non-contact fouls, such as arguing with the officials or using abusive language.

6. Shot Clock

The shot clock is used to ensure that teams attempt a shot within a certain time frame. In the NBA, the shot clock is set to 24 seconds. If a team fails to attempt a shot before the shot clock expires, it results in a turnover and the opposing team gains possession of the ball.

7. Substitutions

Teams are allowed to substitute players during a game. Each team is given a certain number of timeouts that can be used to make substitutions or discuss strategy. Additionally, teams can make substitutions during a dead ball situation or after a made basket.

8. Instant Replay

The NBA utilizes instant replay to review certain calls made by the officials. This is done to ensure accuracy in crucial game situations. Instant replay can be used to determine if a shot was made within the allotted time, if a player was fouled, or to review out-of-bounds calls.


Understanding the rules of NBA basketball is essential for both players and fans. By familiarizing yourself with these rules, you can better appreciate the game and follow the action on the court. Whether it’s the dimensions of the court, scoring rules, or violations and fouls, knowing the rules will enhance your overall basketball experience.

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