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Pro dax Deutscher, We Dax study systematic investment strategies.

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pro dax Deutscher - DAX tracks top 30 German stocks, reflects the economy's health, and is popular globally. Rising DAX indicates a bullish market, while a drop signals concerns.

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Pro dax Deutscher -We collect and research various information about Deutscher Aktien IndeX (DAX). Korean TV - 미드무료

systematic analysis

We analyze the diversity of stock investment, such as corporate value, stock price volatility, market price forecast, etc.

custom strategy

Through various information and systematic analysis, we plan an investment strategy with the goal of achieving success in actual investment.

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Pro dax Deutscher The moment individuals gather information and communicate with everyone, a new world opens up and they can take a step towards their desired goals. I will take one step towards it

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All of us will communicate stock investment strategies based on our individual experiences.

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Europe Market

European stocks increase for third day

Referenced Symbols SXXP +0.72% PX1 +1.07% DAX +0.75% UKX +0.12% KRX +15.70% SBB.B +8.67% THG +7.68% NOD +7.33% SINCH +5.73% TRYG -6.62% AMBU.B -4.38% VACN -4.23% CCL -3.61% ADE -2.87% GBPUSD 0.22% EURUSD 0.17%

Europe markets close higher

as mining stocks lead gains; UK sees record wage growth

LONDON — European markets ended the day on a high note Tuesday, with investors looking ahead to key U.S. inflation figures later this week. The pan-European Stoxx 600 finished 0.7% higher, as almost all sectors nudged into positive territory. Construction and material stocks added 1.76%, while health care stocks dipped 0.12%.
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Invest-Grade Bonds 2023

We like investment-grade bonds now, happy to move to high-yield bonds after recession: Deutsche Bank

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